Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday morning before work

Reading Waugh, listening to Chopin, sipping tea - perhaps I am living out a cliche, but it is an increasingly rare cliche, if such a thing is possible. A very fine moment, nonetheless. Reading Waugh? Yes, I'm a hundred pages into Men at Arms, first of the Sword of Honour trilogy. I still must provide a report on Kerouac's Town & City, which I finished a while ago. In the works, but don't expect anything profound. Alas, the holiday season of excess has kept us retailers in a whirlwind state, though it has yet to prove fatal in Pensacola as it has in New York. Is there any greater indication that our society needs to reevaluate its priorities? Yet, nothing new exists under the sun. I don't doubt that Mencken would find much familiar in our time.


Rick Dale, author of The Beat Handbook said...

Just bought The Town and the City for my sweetie for Christmas. Maybe you'd appreciate my blog at

I, Bill Clifton... said...

I'll check it out!