Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Historic Pensacola

This is old news, unfortunately.  However, aged news becomes history, and history is what I peddle.  The University Press of Florida recently published Historic Pensacola, co-authored by history professor Jay Clune and archaeology professor Margo Stringfield of the University of West Florida.  Dr. Clune and Prof. Stringfield did a book-signing at the T. T. Wentworth Museum in downtown Pensacola a month or so ago, for which I hastily leapt in line.  Support local history!


Sarah Providence said...

Now, that is a book I would love to read.
Since Josh snagged Technopoly, I've decided to read "The Flying Inn." GK Chesterton is funny! I've been chuckling my way through it.

Bill Clifton said...

Ah, Chesterton. I read a great article about him just today on the Wall Street Journal: