Friday, February 6, 2009

Florida Hiking Trails Month

As the Pensacola News Journal reports, Florida Governor Charlie Crist February designated February as Florida Hiking Trails Month.  I love hiking, but I do not get many opportunities these days.  However, with the governor's encouragement, Wendy and I may take a walk in the woods here soon.  A number of sylvan retreats lie within a short drive, including PJC-Milton's fabulous disc golf course.  Of course, it would be very fitting to actually hike to a good hiking spot, but not from our urban setting.  The Florida Trail Association is hosting a number of events statewide.  They even have an annual conference!  Are you required to walk?


Sandra said...

Hi, Bill! You have plenty of great places near home to take a hike. Check out the Panhandle section of for details ... Tarkiln Bayou, Clear Creek, Garcon Point, and Juniper Creek are some of my personal favorites.

Cheers, Sandra Friend
Author, "Hiker's Guide to the Sunshine State"

Bill Clifton said...

Thanks, Sandra. Great website! Bear Lake is an old favorite of mine. My wife and I look forward to exploring your recommendations.