Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nicholas Carr's good tastes in music

Do you know who Nicholas Carr is?  He wrote The Shallows, which I understand to be a monumental critique of the current state of the technological society (or at least the Internet).  I don't know, because I have not read it yet.  Yet.  It's on my list.  While I haven't read his books, I have read several articles and blog posts by Carr.  He blogs at Rough Type, which was recommended by one of my favorite writers, Alan Jacobs (who himself writes provocative blog posts at (among other places) Text Patterns, hosted by the site of the estimable journal The New Atlantis).

I noticed recently that Carr keeps another blog, Rougher Type, where he lets his personality hang out a little bit, including his tastes in pop music, which I find agreeable.  I haven't read all that far back, but so far he's touted Guided by Voices, My Bloody Valentine, the Zombies, and the Flying Burrito Brothers, notably.  GBV, MBV, et al - pretty cool.  Carr even made a Robert Pollard mix"tape" on Spotify!  Haven't listened to it yet, but looking forward to it.  (I haven't been able to keep up with Pollard for quite some time now, sadly.)

And back to Jacobs, he's professed admiration for Yo La Tengo and Ray Davies.  These guys are both smart and cool.  Maybe there's hope for me (in one direction or another).

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