Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yikes! I'm honored: Notes... joins the coveted Cliopatria blogrolll

The pleasantly unexpected happened today (always a welcome experience). I scrolled down the History News Network's esteemed pantheon of history blogs, the Cliopatria blogroll, and a very familiar title caught my eye: Notes from the Front Porch. This little corner of the mobile home has caught the attention of powers on high! How did that happen? I am honored, perplexed, and very glad to be included. But does this mean I'll have to behave?

I never imagined this blog would end up there. It began as a chronicle of my reading habits and has since become a chronicle of my habits in general (at least those that don't embarrass Wendy). Notes... does not strike me as a very historical blog. Perhpas that is why it has been assigned to the Academic Lives section. In that case, it does seem fitting. I am academic... I live... ergo... Thanks, Cliopatria! I guess I'll have to tone down my anti-Adamson screeds.

History News Network is a great website. I may or may not be an addict.

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