Saturday, May 24, 2008

Clive Staples is rolling in his grave.

Wendy and I just returned from watching Prince Caspian on the big screen. It's passable entertainment for what it is, but it is regrettably not Prince Caspian. A more apt title would be Lord of the Harry Potter. Director Andrew Adamson's screen adaptation is a complete travesty. Adamson is a Hollywood-wannabe buffoon whose ham-fisted attempts at "character development" and plot contrivances have betrayed C. S. Lewis' vision and ethos - indeed, the very story of Prince Caspian. I suppose one shouldn't expect serious filmmaking from the creator of Shrek (which was far better than this tripe). And was that a Hannah Montana song at the end of the film?

Oh, by the way, Adamson was also the special effects supervisor for Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin. That was the one with George Clooney. Didn't his Batman outfit feature erect nipples? Ah, that special Adamson touch.

I finished Prince Caspian (the book) recently, which certainly didn't help matters. It's a brilliant story, however. In the next post, I will go toe-to-toe with the cud-chewing simpletons who made this pile of refuse, er, film possible. Bill vs. the Philistines. And they thought Samson was trouble.


Addie said...

That sucks! Stew told me you hated it. I wasn't expecting much, after the first...

William Marshall Clifton said...

The film series is obviously market-driven as opposed to its content highest priority. I intend to follow up with a thorough assessment of the film in relation to the book, minus the vitriol. Hope you're having a good time in Ohio!