Sunday, May 11, 2008

Book #6: The Fifth Elephant

I finished Brideshead Revisited shortly before the end of the semester. With finals and the semester-end crunch at hand, I needed something light and uplifting to buoy me through yet another academic endurance test. Terry Pratchett's wildly imaginative humor (or wildly humorous imagination?) was just the tonic. Another Sam Vimes triumph.


Addie said...
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Addie said...

Bill what's your favorite Terry Pratchett novel? I've only read Monstrous Regiment - don't think I finished it.

WM Clifton said...

I think Interesting Times was my favorite. It was also the first I'd read. Is there a connection there? I don't know. However, Sam Vimes, who does not feature in Interesting Times, is probably my favorite character. My favorite Vimes novel is probably Night Watch.