Sunday, May 11, 2008

Getting behind

This post catches me up to speed. I am near finishing this thriller by Williams. He is something of an obscurantist - intentionally difficult prose through which one must wade to catch a cosmic glimpse of meaning - but the denseness adds to the allure for me. I first read this in a wonderful class on C. S. Lewis and friends by the baffling, delightfully eccentric Dr. John Pilkey back in, what, 1996? Wendy read this recently, so I look forward to discussing it with her soon.


Uncle B said...

Bill — I just finished Pinnock's "Biblical Revelation," so I'm not exactly doing leisure reading right now. One of these days, though. Looks like an interesting book. How 'bout a review of it? Obscurantist seems an insult to a writer. Maybe he's just no good.

WM Clifton said...

Good suggestion, B. I plan to write something of a review (as time allows) once I finish. I doubt Williams would shrink from the obscurantist tag, since Christ himself often taught in parables. Williams was thoroughly versed in history, literature, and mythology, but he often tips his hat at his erudition instead of providing extensive explanations. He certainly knew good writing, but I think he wrote very densely to force an effort from his reader - an effort that would be rewarded.