Friday, July 18, 2008

Common Sense

Cliftons strike again! My brother Josh contributed an article to a recent issue of his base magazine at Yokota Air Base, Japan, for a safety awareness series. He wrote a great piece called "Common Sense" in which he describes his acrobatic prowess as a busboy in Destin, Florida. My favorite phrase: "Physics prevailed..." Indeed, as I can testify! Josh trumpets the virtues of common sense (I typically gravitate to the uncommon variety) in true Chestertonian fashion (though I think Josh had that reprobate Thomas Paine in mind).

Coincidentally, today is Hunter S. Thompson's birthday. (Thanks, Garrison Keillor/"Writer's Almanac," for the tip.) Thompson got his start writing for his base paper as an airman. Hey Josh, when are you gonna write Fear and Loathing in Fort Walton Beach?


stew clifton said...

Yeah! Now Josh is my favorite brother.

I, Bill Clifton... said...

Yeah, mine, too!