Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Pensacola parks article in the PBJ

Breaking news: The Pensacola Business Journal published my Pensacola parks article five days ago. I thought it would be published in July, so I totally missed it. However, fret not - it's online at the Pensacola Business Journal site.

This article provides a brief overview of Pensacola's earliest amusement parks: Kupfrian's Park (1880s-90s), Palmetto Beach (1905-1910), and Bayview Park (1905-no longer amusing). I'm presenting a paper on Palmetto Beach at the Gulf South History & Humanities Conference in October in Galveston, Texas, and the Pensacola Historical Society will publish an earlier incarnation of that paper later this year.


Addie said...

Yay! Congrats! Stew and I are hoping to go to Texas. We're going to tailgate before you go on, and then paint our faces and wave signs around during your presentation.

I, Bill Clifton... said...